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Vector Raster
Geographic Information Synthesis (VR GIS 64)™

July, 2011
Ivan Lee Herring

The VR GIS 64 Project is being rewritten from VR GIS™. VR GIS 64 programs at SourceForge have been released as a 32 bit small screen Beta version, then will be released as 64 bit large screen and memory Alpha versions, then as a final version. VR GIS is static and VR GIS 64 is dynamically changing. Except the program names.. AFAIK. The networking code (Drones, etc) never worked right and is omitted in VR GIS 64 (available as source code only- not compiled- it does not work as intended). The Remote Control program will be enhanced and developed as it can remotely control another computer on your network.
DTM 32 bit Re-released as of July 2011.


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Media .. Data just to get started... sites come and go...
Etopo1,2,5 Gtopo, Globe, and Stopo (SRTM30 Plus) can be processed by running the .tpcfg file. They take from 30 seconds to a few minutes to process into a htf file. (your times may vary on your cpu) (After the files for ASTER and cgiar srtm3 V4 are downloaded a menu choice is to create .tpcfg files for them - they still have to be processed into .bii files before they are made into a htf - the .tpcfg files are ~1.5 Meg) cgiar srtm3 (90m) v4.1 takes several minutes per file to process from Ascii into a .bii file. 872 files would take several days to process all at once...

The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers).
360x60 = 21600 arc-minute, 40,075 / 21600 = 1.855 K


June 2011

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Tachyon Unit
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