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[GRIP ICE™ 64.0 released: 11 11 2011]

This page updated: April, 2011


This program is in transition from VR GIS to VR GIS 64.. Much was done to allow subsetting portions of an image for processing. Progress in PC memory enables whole scene processing. Subsetting will either be ignored or removed.
Extrapolate will have an Image compare- Truth image to Classified image outputting a data file and an image file. Correlation matrix
Import: A method to select bands and their color and then combine them as a RGB image - quickly - rather than having every combination as an image file that would be loaded separately. Three columns : RGB with (7?) bands in each row - only 1 band per column can be selected at a time.
This is as of April, 2011.


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Definition of a "good" photo: On a 9x9" photo at a scale of 1:100,000 being able to measure the depth of a crack in a railroad spike. (Measure is defined as the distance between clearly visible extents... Mensuration is not guesswork)

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Kant Classification Enable Synthesis

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Geographic Raster Image Processor
Investigate Classify Extrapolate
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