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This page updated: April, 2011

Life 3.6 and the controls.

Life Menu bar

Buttons: Life, Editor, Color, Termites, Ants, GRF (Grass-Rabbit-Fox), [Bird,] [Fish], Bod, Help, About... [next version...] The Menu launches a ~2D version while the buttons do ~3D versions of the topics.

Life Menu

Genesis: Load a Life style from file and then start life depending on previous menu selections and the type of file selected.
Exodus: Stop Halt Kill
Leviticus: Start Random Life (depending on previous menu selections)
Scoreboard: Displays Game Scores
(MENU: Right click inside the display area)

[ ]

Life's Editor: Generate life at [] Large 39x24 or [] Medium 78x48 cells
Regenerate button ... Change Life size and clear (Zero life)
Random Generator ... Change Life size and randomly generate life
Load and Save Buttons activate a file selection to Load a Life file Large 39x24 (*.llf) or Medium 78x48 (*.lmf). Or Save a Life file at: Large 39x24 (*.llf), Medium 78x48 (*.lmf), Small 156 x 96 (*.lrf), Pixel 780x480 (*.bmp). At Small and Pixel sizes a (dialog) pops up to allow 'placement' of the smaller grid within the saved grids more expansive area.
Left Clicking the screen places (or remove) a selected life cell.

[ ]

Colors depicts cells according to their life force: cells live {Green-remain}, multiply {Yellow-appear}, and die {Red-disappear}. This is their current life force... on the next cycle they change color according to their life force.
Reload button activates a file selection to load the previously selected colors.
Defaults restores default colors.
Save activates a file selection to save the selected colors as the next loaded set of colors.


Termites eat wood and form interesting 'patterns' in their movement of the chips.


Ants ditto with ants, though more interesting to watch just a few, versus thousands of interesting termites.
Vants: Langton also created creatures called Vants, or virtual ants. These were V-shaped constructs that moved in the direction of their points. If the lead cell moved into a blank square on an imaginary grid, the vant continued moving in that direction. If the square was blue, the vant turned right and changed the colour of the cell to yellow. If the square was yellow, the vant turned left and changed the colour of the square to blue. Thus the vant left a trail behind it.

[GRF screen: why bother with a static picture that looks like the one above, you gotta see them move..., i do not do C so until there is a pascal Java... ]

GRF a currently dorky CA implementation of the Grass grows, Rabbits eat, Foxes eat litany.

[ ]

Bod Todo: Mazed Mobiles focus on animation interaction displays 3D views of selected Torso operations and contains Torso, Control, Views Sub-forms. Moving 3D viewing options are clicked on the Torso form.
[Bod] is merely holding its place in line... until it learns to walk in version 4D. Meanwhile see French Maze Walkers it is what I imagined Bod would be.[TBD]
Control is [TBD]
Views is [TBD]

[ ]

Help displays the standard Windows LIFE.HLP file

[ ]

About Life displays the Copyright and Registration information

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Copyright © 1991..2011 by Ivan Lee Herring