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This page updated: April, 2011

Fractal 3D 3.1 contains a main display area, and a menu that activates 4 main forms. The forms are: Preview, Fractals, XYZ 3D, and Math Graphics.

Fractal has evolved from AVGAFRAK (when it took 24 hours to do a 640x480 fractal on a 8 Mhz computer with a 8087 chip) to Fractal 2d to Fractal 3D and will evolve into Fractal 4D sometime after 3D gains GL 3D capability. Currently it is minimally 3D and though I liked the Fractal interface at some time (when it was more important to keep track of the parameters) it is in need of 'preview mode' fractal selection. Everything needs a 3D button added and a 'roam through the 3D object' capability... Maybe someday these 'objects' will be exportable into SOS MAP. The DIY needs work, yet is not going to become a 3D realm... simply atrophy as one of the 2D bitmap adventures.
The menu allows selection of Image size and colors. Fractal forms are: Preview, Fractals, XYZ 3D, and Math Graphics. The Preview form allows rapid Mandelbrot-Julia and Phoenix-Egg views. Fractal sets and points can be selected on the Fractal form. DEMs are imported-created, tiled, and displayed from the XYZ 3D form on the main screen or a GL viewer. Math Graphics provides Strange attractors, iteration maps, 'Turtle curves', and a Do It Yourself (DIY) composition. DIY'compositions can be 'assembled' through placing graphic objects onto the 'canvas'. Sub-compositions can also be loaded together to form compositions. The help file explains the options and actions, 'popup' and help comments are linked to buttons, selection, and input areas. Forms 'remember' where they were placed and the last directory used by storing project options in fractal.pof. F3DLife FAQ Frequently Asked Questions, and To Do list

Fractal Main Menu

Preview Mandelbrot-Julia Phoenix-Egg mini selector.

Preview Form

Fractals contains Mandelbrot, Dragon, Phoenix, Newton, Working, Blanket, Recorder, 16_Picks, and 256_Color_Picker Sub-forms.

Fractals Form

XYZ: 3D contains D Elevation M, DEM Import, Tiling, and Mtns Sub-forms.

3D Form

Math Graphics contains Population, Attractors, Random, Fun, Bumps, Curves, Turtles, Trees, Dragons, Sky_2D, Numb_3D, Collage, and DIY sub-forms.

Math Form

Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Points
This will replace Fractal as the recorder is not needed, Blanket player will be moved into ILH, and the equation solver will become a Fractal equation..L-System GL 3D viewer on its own form.

Fractals the inner code will remain as the data set generator for Fractal 3D DEMs displayed by the XYZ: 3D form.
Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Points
Dragon Sets and Points
Phoenix Sets and Points
Newton Solutions
Working to become an equation solution graphic [TBD]
Blanket displays *.avi files, or plays *.wav, *.mid files
Recorder displays the recorded files of parameter values
16_Picks allows creation and/or selection of 16 color sets
256_Color_Picker allows creation and/or selection of 256 color sets

XYZ: 3D will continue evolving.
D Elevation M: Display DEMs, Fractals, or Mountains as Elevation tints - Slope tints - Contours - LOS (side view of elevations) - LOS Masked area (Vertical view of area visible from the selected point) - GL landscape - GL rotating Globe.
DEM Import: Import Etopo, Globe, and GTopo DEMs into program format. (todo: SDTS and USGS import)
Tiling: Combine or divide DEMs, Fractals, or Mountains to size. (todo: Future versions will allow mousing any area or (256x256 box rover) for selection into a new tile.)
Mtns create: Fractal Mountains, Folded Globe, Fractal Tin Mtns, Craters, Waves, Rippled, and Splattered (random) Dems at selected size and fractal parameter-intensity. Preview on a GL 3D viewer then abort retry or file-save.

Math Graphics will someday get buttons added to become "objects" for 3D GL display.

Population: Bifurcation rx(1-x); Bifurcation: expanded; Bifurcation: Input [r] [d]; Fiegenbaum #'s; Fiegenbaum x(1-x); Fiegenbaum: expanded; Fiegenbaum: Input [r] [d]; Malthusian: Pn+1 = R*Pn*(1-Pn); Malthusian View 2;

Attractors: Cycles of Limit: Rayleigh, Vanderpol, Brusselator, All 3 in 1. Strange Attractors: Lorenz (x,y,z), Vortex (x,z), Duffing, Rossler, Henon Stairs. Strange Chemicals: A straw, Beckon, Corkscrew, D ...3+V, E ...3, F ...2+V, Google 2, Alphabet Soup. (coordinates arranged for 'artistic impression') Stranger Attractors: Kaneko [ ], Kaneko.2 [ ], Henon Range [ ].

Random: One D Random [r], Two D Linear [r], Brownian Gaussian [r] [d], White , 1/f, Brownian [r] [d], Cellar Walk (Click it to Stop), Wrapped (Click it to Stop), Zapped (Click it to Stop), HiFi Lines (Click it to Stop).

Fun: Precomposed : Hello, Buttes; Puerto Rico Peak; Forest for the Trees; Lights on, Nobody home; and Earth Viewed from Moon. Math shapes: Tree, Apolliania's Circles [1..8], and Pharoah's Collar Boned. Iterated functions: Fern, 4 3D Ferns, Tree, Sierpinski what, Sierpinski when, Determined Fern, Determined Triangle, Sierpinski Triangle, Sierpinski Arches, Sierpinski Forest.

Bumps: Sin Lattice (grid), Sin Shadow, cosine Shadow, Rotating Box, Dropping Column, Diffusion Limited Aggregration (DLA), (DLA) Centroid.

Trees produces Trees according to input parameters.

Dragons produces Dragons according to input parameters.

Curves: 26 Curves at the press of a button

Turtles: Graphics (Curves, plants, etc...) produced from Axiom and Production 'strings'. This is an implemtation of L-Systems...

Sky_2D produces iterated functions according to input parameters. (similar to 2D Ferns, except the object-shape is per input variables)

Numb_3D produces iterated functions according to input parameters. New: parameters are adjusted using arrow keys(similar to 3D Ferns, except the object-shape is per input variables)

Collage is merely holding its place in line... It will interactively produce iterated functions according to input parameters and moused collage placements... probably be moved to 3D vector editor to be implemented.[TBD]

DIY"Do It Yourself" is the production arena where graphics from the other forms are placed together to form compositions of your creation

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Copyright © 1991..2011 by Ivan Lee Herring