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This page updated: April, 2011


[September, 2004] New to Life 3.4: 3D Boids and 3D Life (reads .lif files), OpenGL® / GLScene replace DirectX, only 1 bird song (they were all lousy anyway), many sample Bird . Birds still needs development of a 3D shape editor with coloring capability. per Reynolds, the design is under construction in Birds, when developed, the extension of behavior to Locomotive characteristics in Bird wing-flapping and body movement-locomotion in Fish. GLS Bird

Birds views of the bird style implementation

AI birds flight simulator. This zip file contains a .hlp file containing basic instructions for operating flocks of birds. The nbirdcell.html contains a grid to record the variables of flocks. These can be printed out from the program to compare the parameters and discern optimal bird types.
Sample Bird data sheet
Info about Bird songs and Microphone building

My backyard birds for Flying Frenzy:

too many Crows, blackbirds, cowbirds, starlings
several Hawks
lost Eagles from Mississippi during winter

[ ]

Fish: Dolphins is intended to be a 3D swim though aka iaw Birds,

ILH To Do:

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